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We know most people don’t think about bail bonds until it’s to late. When the time comes, we’re here to help. Just call (720) 767-2245!

Get Your Loved One Out

Bail Me Today Bail Bonds is a family business that understands what it means to see a loved one suffering. We will post your bond promptly after your consultation.

Work With Expert Bail Agents

Bail Me Today Bail Bonds has access to over 20yrs of bail bonds experience.

Review All Your Options

Bail Me Today Bail Bonds will make sure you are doing the right thing for your loved one. We will look over the entirety of the situation and advise you on your rights and what might be best for them.

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Reasons to Choose Us

We understand that being arrested and going to jail is a family crisis. Therefore, we are very sensitive to the needs and privacy of our clients.


20yrs of experience available to fully walk you through this.


Your information is yours. We pride ourselves in privacy.

Fast Results

The moment your paperwork is finished, we are working to post the bond quickly.

No Hidden Fees

We will never charge you more than what we quote you.

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